The Importance of SEO For Startups & For Established Businesses To Gain Traffic & Higher Conversions

SEO for small business

If you have started a small business, in all likelihood you will have a website to promote business far and wide. Competition is so intense that your site is not likely to be found by potential customers unless you have taken the trouble to implement search engine optimization and search marketing campaigns. Research shows that people who search the internet for products and services usually click on links shown on the first couple of pages of the search results. If your company does not appear here, chances of you getting inquiries are slim.

This is where small business seo comes in handy. A good option for you is a suitable web design company that will also undertake seo for start up business. Knowing that funds could be a limiting factor in conducting an SEO campaign, your SEO expert will usually offer a modular package that can be implemented over months with results starting to show in as little as a couple of months. SEO is an umbrella term covering a multitude of activities all with the common aim of promoting your website, helping your website rise in rankings and in getting traffic with high a conversion rate.  Here are the basics of SEO


  • On site SEO: Your web designer or SEO UK expert will incorporate SEO friendly features in the design, appropriate meta tags, headers, titles and content as well as images that search engines prefer. The navigation is structured to be user and search engine friendly.
  • Off page SEO: This is rather extended. It involves creating backlinks through article submissions, PR, blogs and forum posts. Then, your small business seo expert will handle social networking and social media on your behalf. Off page seo for start up business also includes search marketing that gets immediate results, directory submissions and content marketing as well as techniques to make the website mobile friendly, all of which are found highly desirable by today’s search engine algorithms.


Most of the off page seo activities are long term processes. Your small business seo expert will devise a suitable package that can be implemented each month and result in incremental improvements while imposing the no financial burden on you. What does this seo for start up business achieve for you? Read on…


Making an site SEO friendly website helps search engines rank it favourably and rankings will rise.

Off page SEO results in creation of links on popular websites, which are factored in by search engine algorithms in order to grant you appropriate status in search engine results. Social media popularity is another factor. Content is the third and mobile-friendliness is the fourth. All these weigh in and search engines will automatically rank you on the basis of popularity as a result of which your site shows up in the first couple of pages of search results. You get more traffic to your site from potential customers and you can convert them with ease. At the end of the day your business improves and, when organic small business seo strategies are employed, such traffic continues to rise with passage of time.

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