The New Mobile Algorithm From Google… ‘Mobilegeddon’


The term “responsive web design” has been around for quite some time and some web designers as well as webmasters do create mobile friendly responsive websites. Now there is even more reason to be mobile friendly because Google, the search engine giant that lays down laws the web world follows, has come out with a new mobile algorithm that kicked in last month.


This mobilegeddon, as some choose to call it, is nothing but Google’s way of giving mobile friendly web pages higher rankings in mobile search results. Importance is given to the easy readability of text without tapping or zooming the navigation of the mobile web page. The update is limited only to search rankings on mobile devices and covers all languages. Moreover, it applies to pages not the entire website. Google has clarified that the focus is not entirely on responsive mobile friendly sites but they do rank pages with high quality content. Sites that are not mobile friendly may see lowered rankings but update automatically once they revise their site.


Reading between the lines it is easy to see that Google is continuing its emphasis on content and this is where having an expert SEO Freelancer by your side is even more important. Professional and affordable SEO services guarantee that your site and content continue to be aligned with Google’s algorithms. There are SEO consultants who still continue to work the old way which is obsolete if one considers the Hummingbird and Penguin updates and now this mobile update is another reason why you must have experts who are current with the latest changes and design content accordingly. The mobile algorithm did result in a number of sites being downgraded in rankings, but when you have the right people by your side, this will never happen since it takes them a short time to transform your website into a responsive one and tailor content accordingly.

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