New Methods of Link Building Post Penguin 3.0

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SEO Freelancer London – A Guide to Penguin 3.0

Google’s latest Penguin 3.0 update rolled out in October and it has changed the way SEO works. The motive behind the update is to encourage those engaged in positive SEO and penalize or even weed out those engaged in black hat SEO. Google’s Penguin, in particular, is an algorithm that decreases rankings if it finds that back links and other SEO methods are not ethical; and, by the same standards, improves rankings if previously downgraded. A matter of concern is that site owners cannot improve rankings until the next update. Knowing this, SEO practitioners have become extra cautious to not use any methods that may be viewed “unfavourably” by Google’s Penguin.

Quick on the uptake, SEO management firms and SEO freelancer London based have come up with suitable link building strategies that do not displease Penguin. A few are described in the following paragraphs for anyone wishing to adapt to the Penguin evolution.

An SEO Freelancer in London will give greater emphasis to guest blogging as a safe method to create back links. It is easy to post as a guest on a blog and then include a link to your blog. Links and anchor keywords may be placed in the author bio. Specialist content writers develop the post that is then pegged in a niche blog whose owner is agreeable to publishing it.

Another method SEO management experts employ is to leverage the power of blog comments. While most comments on blogs may be restricted to a line or two, blog commenting that gets noticed and earns back links is one in which you contribute something really informative, adding more to what has already been posted.

SEO freelancers will give more emphasis to using forum post path to create suitable back links that are not viewed with disapproval by the formidable Penguin. They know forums with huge memberships and then sign in as a member. You add your take on the topic under discussion and then take advantage of the signature box. Forums with high traffic and high page rank are chosen for creation of back links and the results are positive for a client.

SEO Management consultants also give more weightage to using infographics as a method to work in alignment with the Penguin 3 update. Text marketing has been established since years but now visual marketing is fast overtaking it and Google does give it the right emphasis in its search algorithms. SEO freelancers will be able to help you develop suitable infographics for this purpose and thus get organic links back to your website.

Look for an SEO freelancer London to help you implement the latest link building methods post Penguin 3.0. As always content is king and posting great content gets favourable responses from Google. Having a presence on Google Plus and in top directories also helps. Post Penguin 3.0, shortcuts are out, spam is out, organic and genuine activities are in.

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