Changing Search Engine Algorithms and Policies Call for Evolved SEO


A recent development at Google is that the Penguin algorithm will have real time functionalities.

In plain terms it means that penalized websites that have taken corrective action will recover

from the penalty. Conversely, real time function could also mean that Google will just as quickly

block or black list websites that break its norms.


Another trending SEO news is that Google will remove hacked sites totally from search engine

listings as opposed to the current practice of displaying sites but with a malware warning.

Third, content still receives high preference when it comes to ranking.


Four, SEO experts, whether they like it or not, have to conform to what search engine dictate as

regards the way sites are ranked.


Taken together, all these point to one thing: You must implement SEO using an expert SEO

freelancer who is not only well informed about latest developments but one who also has the

skills and capabilities to put together informative, interesting and fresh contents that Google

(and other search engines as well) look on with kindly eye these days. Quality of SEO tactics

becomes more important. Cost goes up as quality content costs more but this is a fraction

compared to the returns one gets through organic back links and rise in position in search

results. What worked a few years ago or even last year, will simply not work today or tomorrow.

Google has its reasons for implementing practices that emphasize good content and organic

practices. It is the user experience that drives them and this is all to the good since spam gets

thrown out of the window and genuine companies, with the help of genuine SEO practices will

gain their rightful position in search results. Get a genuine SEO freelancer who follows ethical

practices and you are halfway there.

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