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Affordable SEO Is No Longer Cheap: Quality Content Costs

Black hat techniques are as dead as the dinosaurs with Google and other search engines giving such practices the strict thumbs down. The emphasis these days is on content. Links are important but are not as easy to build today as it was in the good old days of black and gray hat seo techniques.


Changing Search Engine Algorithms and Policies Call for Evolved SEO

A recent development at Google is that the Penguin algorithm will have real time functionalities. In plain terms it means that penalized websites that have taken corrective action will recover from the penalty. Conversely, real time function could also mean that Google will just as quickly block or black list websites that break its norms.


The New Mobile Algorithm From Google… ‘Mobilegeddon’

The term “responsive web design” has been around for quite some time and some web designers as well as webmasters do create mobile friendly responsive websites. Now there is even more reason to be mobile friendly because Google, the search engine giant that lays down laws the web world follows, has come out with a


An Apple Search Engine… Will it rival Google?

So as we know already Apple are a huge company with the success of the iPod, then the iPhone and more recently the iPad with the iMac being it’s original product no more than a decade ago. Time flies! The Cupertino firm is always the brand that has huge speculation and rumours. There are many

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New Methods of Link Building Post Penguin 3.0

SEO Freelancer London – A Guide to Penguin 3.0 Google’s latest Penguin 3.0 update rolled out in October and it has changed the way SEO works. The motive behind the update is to encourage those engaged in positive SEO and penalize or even weed out those engaged in black hat SEO. Google’s Penguin, in particular,

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The Importance of SEO For Startups & For Established Businesses To Gain Traffic & Higher Conversions

If you have started a small business, in all likelihood you will have a website to promote business far and wide. Competition is so intense that your site is not likely to be found by potential customers unless you have taken the trouble to implement search engine optimization and search marketing campaigns. Research shows that

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