An Apple Search Engine… Will it rival Google?


So as we know already Apple are a huge company with the success of the iPod, then the iPhone and more recently the iPad with the iMac being it’s original product no more than a decade ago. Time flies! The Cupertino firm is always the brand that has huge speculation and rumours. There are many websites that have a lot of news worthy information such as Mac Rumours.

Earlier today Apple posted a job post for a ‘Project Manager’ to work on “a search platform supporting hundreds of millions of users”. From my experience the words ‘search’ and ‘hundreds of millions of users’ can only mean one thing. It looks as though Apple are going to release their own Google. Apple is already in stiff competition with Google for a number of products and services such as Google mobile phones and Google Play rivalling iTunes and the list goes on.

So what will this mean for Google? Well, through the eyes of an SEO expert, I am inclined to believe that this will be no more of a success was when Google+ was to rival Facebook. There are many different reasons as to why the Apple search engine would not be as successful as Google. One being the success of Google and how much money and trust has been put into the search engine giant by many leading corporations. Some companies make £100 for every £1 they spend on their Google AdWords campaign.

Google is clearly the giant of search engines topping the US market by 67% of users using their search engine, and that’s just the US. The only way Apple can catch on to dominating in the search engine battle is to have a default search engine on iOS and OS devices. They already took the world by storm with Safari being the default browser for iPhone and iPad users. So it would only make sense for Apple for introduce a search engine combine with their browser. Apple currently uses Google as it’s default search engine on the Safari browser. However, the long running agreement with Google is scheduled to end this year.

I’m sure Apple will unveil every detail about their plans in one of their famous Keynote presentation. I can only assume that it would be presented perhaps at WWDC in 2016 when they usually present the new iMacs, and what better timing to show their search engine on their new iMac.

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