Affordable SEO Is No Longer Cheap: Quality Content Costs

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Black hat techniques are as dead as the dinosaurs with Google and other search engines giving

such practices the strict thumbs down. The emphasis these days is on content. Links are

important but are not as easy to build today as it was in the good old days of black and gray hat

seo techniques. That was when SEO companies would hire writers or hacks in some far off

countries to spawn articles and content stuffed with keywords and seed the web with such

contents. Today, Google places importance on quality of content and freshness of content as

well as giving key importance to back links only if they originate from authoritative sites.

It is relatively easy (and affordable) to spin content stuffed with keywords. Today, if you want

quality content you must pay for the services of quality writers who take the time to come up

with something new, interesting and fresh. You seed the web with these fresh contents and

Google spiders report the presence of interesting and informative content and your site gets a

pat on the back. Quality writers do tend to charge more so when you look for affordable SEO,

expect to pay more these days.


Also, you can expect affordable SEO services that cost more to deliver more and better results,

but only if they engage quality content creators and implement best practices aligned with

Google’s Penguin, Panda and Pigeon algorithms that seem to mutate at the drop of a hat. SEO

agencies or SEO freelances must remain updated with these changes in addition to their routine

activities otherwise you cannot expect their outdated strategies to deliver any measurable



SEO activities are tougher than before and, in Darwin’s evolutionary terms, only those agencies

that deliver finest yet affordable SEO services will be able to satisfy clients and thrive.

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