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Bespoke SEO UK Consultant Providing Over 50 Hours Per Month

If you run a business and want a professional digital marketing expert to take care of your online presence, then we can help. Get your free SEO audit today! We will uncover the current position your website is in from an SEO point of view and provide expert recommendations free of charge within the report. Choose below for a free SEO audit or a free 7 day trial.


SEO Consultant – What we do for our clients

We work with clients big and small across a range of sectors and we utilise all forms of media to get your name out
there in a way that’s right for you.

Whether your business goal is to gain more traffic, or to rank high for your target keywords, we offer a service which can acquire you both. Being ranked higher on Google for a certain keyword will ultimately generate more traffic to your website, and that is the result of search engine optimisation.

At Horizon SEO we offer a professional SEO service. We thrive in naming ourselves as SEO agency consultants. We optimise your website with the same practices as high end digital marketing agencies. We have had extensive experience in digital marketing agencies, but offer our services at a much more affordable and honest rate. We have no expenses to pay such as rent, rates and wages, which is why we are offering affordable SEO packages. We are offering a white hat service that mimics if not surpasses many digital marketing agencies on the market.

Below is an explanation of the work we deliver and how we do it.

Search Engine Optimisation

Working with clients to build their status and reputation by optimising their on-site and off-site authority to achieve a higher ranking on Google. Professional SEO that gets results.

Professional Link Building

Building links to point to your website. Passing authority from respectable websites, resulting in the exchange of “SEO Juice” being diluted right through to your website.

Social Media Management

We will engage with your following, create posts, tweets and communicate with high influencers within your sector. All resulting in more traffic being delivered to your website and creating a relationship with your customers.

Content Creation

Content attracts readers, it also attracts Google! Creating content to meet in the middle through unique and interesting pieces, while implementing your target keywords where appropriate.

Keyword Research

The most important part in any SEO campaign is to find the right keywords that your business can aim to rank high for. We measure this based on your current status, competition and how many times per month a keyword is searched.

On-Page Optimisation

This is the stage where we dive into your website and optimise relevant pages with our keyword research. A fundamental attribute in any SEO campaign. Here we optimise your Metadata and current content on the page.

Affordable SEO Packages

Small Business SEO Specialist

How does SEO work?

SEO, or search engine optimisation is essentially already explained within the words ‘search engine optimisation’. You are optimising your website for the search engines. There are three main search engines that dominate the search results and they are Google, Yahoo! and Bing. However, over the last decade, it has been Google who has been the search engine giant out of the three. They have dominated the market, and as the common saying goes “I’ll Google it”. That statement alone indicates a certain degree of loyalty for Google over Yahoo! and Bing. It has been proven that over 92% of internet users, use Google as their first choice. That being said, SEO is largely to get on to the first page of Google, especially when all queries, shopping, information and research is located on the internet.

Getting to the top of Google in organic search takes time. There are many SEO consultants and SEO freelancers that will tell you that they can get you on to the top of Google within one month, this is not true and are trying to simply swamp your investment and then provide endless excuses month on month. SEO takes time to see results due to the workload involved. Any standard SEO campaign can take up to 3-6 months to see any improvements. These improvements would be your rankings, and what do we mean by rankings? As a business you want to attract customers to your product or service. Attracting them online would mean that the customer would do a search for the product or service such as “Electricians in West London”. That right there is one keyword and within SEO we are trying to optimise your website for keywords such as this, that your potential customer would be searching for. The more optimised your website is for the SERP’s (search engine results pages) then the more opportunity Google will have to crawl your website and credit you for your work by pushing your website on to a higher position on Google.

SEO is all about content. Producing unique content that Google can crawl and index is an essential part of SEO. Having a blog or article page where you can post new pieces of content every few days will do you justice. Each piece of content should have one of your target keywords to ensure that Google recognises it. Another very important part of SEO is link building. Essentially you want to have high domain authoritative websites pointing back to yours. This passes some “SEO juice” to your website. Google also recognises a strong backlink profile, if a highly established news website has a link pointing back to your website then Google will see that as good material from a reputable website. Whereas, if a blog that gets created tomorrow with no history of content or incoming links, then it will not do much in terms of your SEO goals.

Why should your business invest in SEO?

Investing in SEO can be an overnight decision for some, for others it can take some time to think about, especially if you are new to SEO. One thing is for sure, SEO is here to stay. All businesses want to be on the top of Google. However, getting there is another matter. It requires an SEO specialist with the experience of getting small businesses and large to the top against their competitors. Running an SEO management campaign, knowing the latest Google algorithm updates, when they are expected to be rolled out and how to counter-act the updates is what we specialise in doing. Having a dedicated SEO consultant with SEO agency consultant experience is a very strong asset to your campaign.

Not investing in the time to do SEO can be hazardous to your business goals. Ignoring SEO now and coming back to it in 6 months time or up to a year, can be damaging and ultimately is time lost against your competitors who perhaps do no have strong SEO or have never worked on their SEO. You will get a good return on investment, you will remain in the position you are in if you keep performing quality search engine optimisation and follow the best practices that Google wishes you to obey.

If you are interested in getting started with an SEO campaign, we offer bespoke SEO services tailored to your business objectives. We also offer traditional full SEO packages as well. You can get in touch with me to discuss more by clicking here or by simply emailing me directly:

Once you begin with SEO, it is an investment you will never look back on. Increasing your business’s online marketing visibility is the future of business. I like to think of SEO as an innovative marketing concept. You are diving deep into the world of online marketing, but appears very much in the background subliminally to your potential customer.

We will rank your website on page one for local SEO within two months

Getting ranked for local SEO is a fantastic way to increase visibility on Google quickly and easily. Optimising your website for local terms such as “painting and decorating West London” will put you in first position for that term. This is due to less competition for that keyword, and you get the benefit of being seen by customers within the West London area.

We have the expertise to create just the right web presence for you, getting search engine traffic from an affordable seo services UK company such as ourselves, will certainly give you a respectable ROI.

A Full Digital Marketing Service

Whether you need SEO, Social Meida, PPC or all three, we have it covered at Horizon SEO. Take your business to the next level by increasing your online presence. A digital marketing freelancer with a vision for success.


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